white house down

Putting your foot down?

Apparently she has to stamp her foot hard on the floor to make a thumping noise and appear stern looking, looking mad an


Jason Walker: Down

这首歌是美剧《吸血鬼日记》第1季第6集的片尾曲,跟Jason Walker一起演唱的是Molly Reed。舒缓优美的钢琴伴奏下,Jason Walker来自灵魂深处的深情倾诉,让人沉沦。


Breathing down the neck?

“What does “breathing down my neck” mean exactly in this quote: “If one of you wants to drive, let me know, otherwise qu


I am down是什么意思?

I am down是什么意思? 老许生活之体验 发布时间:08-1713:39 I am down,(心情不好)失落,失意。 I am down in the dumps about the defeat. 由于失败,...